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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thoughts on my toddler...

Today was a really rough day with Declan. Lately, everyday has been pretty rough and I feel like I use the words "no" "Stop" and "don't" all day long! He is becoming more independant, not wanting to hold my hand, wanting to do things himself, refusing to take naps, and not wanting to sit in his high chair to eat...sometimes not wanting to eat at all! He is really becoming his own little person. He still amazes us at all the words he says on a day to day basis but the word "no!" is also becoming a big part of his vocabulary! The other day he was shouting "no more naps!" I admit that was cute and funny but not when he actually doesn't take a nap!

But tonight, he woke up around 11pm crying. Usually, I am working or so tired that I get annoyed at that but tonight I forgot about everything else I was doing and lifted him out of his crib and rocked him in the rocking chair. He layed his head on my shoulder and I stroked his hair. I felt bad about how impatient and frustrated I have been getting lately. So I hugged Declan a little tighter and whispered how much I loved him...then I sang him some lullabies. I realized I need to slow down, and cherish these moments...even though they can be hard sometimes, I will probably miss them someday! When Declan wants me to read a book to him for the umteenth time, I need to remember that someday he won't want me to read to him at all anymore...he will be reading to me! ...and I will miss storytime with him. As I sat there rocking my baby I thought about all the fun things to come. Taking him to Disneyland for the first time, helping him with his science project, baking cookies with him, going to movies, watching him play basketball...and so much more. And even though I look forward to all that...I don't want to rush him through this stage...although it can be tough and exhausting at times... I will just hang on to every toddler minute and enjoy it as much as I can! Even when he tells me "no more naps!!" :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

First trip the the dentist

"This doesnt' seem so bad...they have toys, a tv, a chalkboard...hey I think I like the dentist! Wait...they are calling my name...I have to go into another room now..."

The dentist chair

"Ok, mom...what exactly is gonna happen here?? Is there something you're not telling me?"

This is getting weird...

"I'm laying back in a chair with headphones on watching a tv that is on the ceiling!! Ok, where am I??"

"Mommy Help!"

"This nice lady wants to brush my teeth with cookie dough toothpaste! What kind of place did you bring me to??!!"

Somebody get me outta here!

Declan kept repeating "down please! down please!"

The dental assistant explains to Declan that the dentist is just going to count his teeth. He's not going to hang him up by his teeth.

Say Ahhhh....

Who knew counting teeth could be this traumatic??!

Parting gifts...

Declan gets a new toothbrush! Doesn't he look just thrilled??!

A high five and a high score!

The dentist said Declan's teeth looked "perfect." There are 16 pearly whites and they are all spaced perfectly.

Just the boys

Daddy gives Declan a lesson in shaving.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Streak


Friday, January 2, 2009

Goodbye 2008...Hello New Year!

When I started this blog entry, I wanted to make a countdown of the top ten things Declan did in '08...but I found way more than ten cool things he did this past year so I decided to just list everything in random order....This is Declan's 2008 adventure list...

In 2008 Declan turned one! He milked a cow for the first time at the county fair, he learned to chew grown up people food, he rode on an airplane...twice! He had breakfast with Shamu at Sea World, he saw the ocean, he rode on a carousel, he had his first s'more, he touched a fish, he kissed a girl, he got his first haircut, he learned to crawl, he learned to walk! He tried strawberry shortcake for the first time, he went trick or treating, he won a pageant, he rode a pony, he met Santa, he went down a slide by himself! He watched fireworks, he rode a float in a parade, he made a snow angel and he met Elvis in Las Vegas. What a lucky boy to have done all these things! And he's not even two yet! We are excited to share more adventures with Declan in 2009!!! Happy New Year Declan!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!