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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

All set for winter!

We bought Declan a new snow suit just in time for the big snow storm! I love the way it makes his thighs look chunky! It's adorable! Now all he needs is a sled and he'll be set for winter fun!

Snow angel baby

Declan makes his very first snow angel! He really enjoyed it even though his little hands were frozen! Those mittens are not snow proof!

A perfect snow angel!


I think Declan would be happiest on a nude beach somewhere! He is going thru a stage where he loves to be naked ALL the time! He gets mad at me when I try to put a diaper or clothes on him. He just shouts "nnneked!!!!" and runs off screaming through the house. He is fascinated with his little naked body. It is pretty cute...until he pees on the floor...then it's not so cute anymore! :)

A dip in the pool!

Since it was cold outside, we decided to warm up in the Clearfield Aquatic Center pool! We took Declan and he loved it! He went swimming a few times this past summer but he wasn't that excited about it...but now that he is a little bit older, he is starting to enjoy the water more! Now everytime we get in the car to go somewhere he says "swimmin'??"

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas '08

I put together a short video of our Christmas day highlights. The highlight for me was seeing Declan's reaction when he came into the living room on Christmas morning. Santa brought him exactly what he'd been asking for... and boy was he excited! I hope everyone's Christmas was just as exciting and that Santa was good to you! Follow the link below to see one happy kid on Christmas!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMACuJ8Xpq4

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve

On Christmas eve, we all went over to nana and papa's to open up one gift...pj's! Declan shows off his cute pajamas! I don't think I've ever seen a kid so excited about sleepwear before!!! :)

Jammin' on papa's guitar

Declan plays some Christmas carols on papa's guitar...hoping Santa brings him his very own guitar in the morning!

Declan with Santa in '07

Every Christmas eve, Declan meets the real Santa. Check out the picture below to see this years picture. He sure has grown up! Declan that is...not Santa...everyone knows Santa doesn't age! :)

Declan with Santa in '08

Hey Santa...

"Is that a real beard??"

Look what Santa brought!

Declan must have been a very good boy this year! Just look at all the neat stuff Santa brought for him!


Declan got an Elmo Live for Christmas. I think we like to play with it more than he does though!

Mr. Potato Head!

Declan loves to play with his potato head! Of course, mommy helps put all the pieces on him!

Nana and Papa's

After Declan opened his presents from Santa, we headed over to nana and papa's to open more gifts!! Declan got another guitar! This time an electric guitar! You should hear him jam!

Presents! presents! presents!

Declan & Kate

Kate must not have got what she wanted for Christmas this year!


The box is more fun than the toys!

Walking off the Christmas pounds

Declan loves walking on nana and papa's treadmill. I think he wishes he would have asked Santa to bring him one! Mommy would have liked that too! :)

Worn out!

What a fun day it was! Now it's time to catch a few zzz's.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Run Run Declan!

In the spirit of Christmas, I put together a sweet little video of our runner boy, Declan! He rarely walks anywhere anymore...it's just a dash from point A to point B. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's coming down to the wire!

So many Santa's so little time!

This pic was taken a few weeks ago at our Mom's meetup Christmas party. He didn't recognize Santa...even though it is his papa!

Self diagnosis

Declan studying hard and trying to figure out why he won't eat!

"Can I get some privacy please??"

" Really mom? The bathtub? Is this really necessary? It was cute when I was like 5 days old but I'm a grownup now! I have a reputation to protect! Next thing you know this pic will be all over the internet!"

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snow day!

It was the first big snowfall of December so we took Declan out to play while daddy shoveled the driveway. He loved it until he slipped and fell...then he didn't like it so much!

Crawling through the snow

"Wow, this snow stuff is cold!"


Catching snowflakes on our tongue is fun!

Can we go in now?

Piano Man

A friend of mine has a piano and we sat Declan down in front of it. He didn't start banging on it like most kids would do...he just gently placed his fingers on the keys and lightly started pressing down on them! It was sooooo cute. Between being obsessed with papa's guitar and now wanting to play the piano, I think we have a budding musician on our hands!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Viva Las Vegas!

Declan kicks back on the plane and gets ready to jet off to Vegas with the family. His daddy and papa are running in the Las Vegas marathon! Only 20 months old and already on his second vacation! Let the adventure begin!

Town Square

Our favorite part of Vegas was this huge outdoor shopping center called Town Square. We had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen (so the guys could carbo load before the big day.) In the middle of Town Square they have a children's park and for the holidays they have a huge Christmas tree, a cute little village where you can visit Santa Claus and they make it snow! See the pictures below!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Declan was soooooo excited to see it snow! He got lots of little soap flakes in his hair! He had a great time!

Running men

My dad and husband did AWESOME at the marathon. Both had their best marathon times yet. They said it was a fast course. They want to do it again next year so I guess we'll be back! And I will hopefully be running the 1/2 marathon. I have a whole year to get ready for it! LOL.

Meeting Elvis

The Strip

After the guys recovered from their marathon, we decided to walk the strip that night and show Declan some of the hotels and sites. He slept thru most of it though! He didn't get to see the MGM lions, and he missed seeing this cute m&m. As you can see, he is sound asleep in his stroller. Little did we know he was coming down something.

Bellagio fountain show

Declan woke up just in time to see one of the best shows in Vegas...the Bellagio fountain show. And he seemed to enjoy it even though we could tell he wasn't feeling to great. The show was set to "Luck Be a Lady" by Frank Sinatra and after it was over, Declan kept singing "Lady, lady". It was cute. But soon after, he started going downhill and getting sicker. He had a rough night.

FAO Shwartz

I was looking forward to visiting this store all weekend but because Declan wasn't feeling well, he didn't get to really enjoy it that much. He managed to walk across the big piano a couple times but he just wasn't his normal, playful, happy self. He was a kid in a 3 level toy store but just wanted to be held by mommy the whole time. And mommy didn't mind one bit. Anything to help him feel better. Maybe next year's trip will go a little better and he'll be able to have fun in this giant toy store!!

Good sport

Even though Declan was feeling sick, he was a good sport about sitting amongst all these giant bears in FAO Shwartz just so mommy could get a pic. :)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Festival of Trees

We went to the Festival of Trees today. Hundreds and hundreds of trees to see! This one was pretty cool...A "Twilight" tree. You can see the banner on the tree says "A Cullen Christmas."

Santa & Me

Gingerbread castle!

From the festival of trees