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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My pilot and co-pilot!

Seattle bound!


We're in Seattle for the Inagural Rock N Roll marathon! Taking in the sights before the big day!

Chillin' at the hotel

After a morning of traveling, we relaxed at our very nice, very luxurious hotel! The bed was oh so soft and the mini bar was oh so expensive! We found this out when Declan decided to open up a tiny can of $6 Pringles!!! Ouch!!!

Making friends with Lily

Lily was the hotel's lobby dog. She greeted guests as they came thru the door. She really took a liking (or should I say "licking") to Declan! They became instant BFF's! :)

Elvis sighting!

Daddy and Declan at the Rock n Roll marathon expo!

After the marathon...

On the wharf...

HELP! This big, furry, cute bear is going to eat me for lunch!

Fun at The Seattle Center

Declan LOVED this roller coaster...it was a pretty wild ride for a kiddie coaster!

Declan and his great grandmother!

Grandma and grandpa Larsen live in Kent, WA just outside of Seattle. Declan had fun visiting his great grandparents!

Mt. Rainer

Sunday, June 14, 2009


We had a great time this weekend at Lagoon (the local amusement park). It was Declan's first time at Lagoon and he couldn't get enough. We spent all day there with just a couple hour break for a nap. At Lagoon they have an old time photoshop and we all got our picture taken. What two handomse men I have!!!

"Puff" the roller coaster!

This was Declan's very first roller coaster ride. He loved it!

The bumper car incident

It was a lovely summer afternoon and Declan took his new bumper car out for a spin around the block....

Declan was obeying all the traffic laws but then out of nowhere...

He was "bumped" by another car!! Imagine that!! Declan was so upset because he knew his insurance premium would go up!


Flying Aces!

Declan loved the flying aces! They got going pretty fast and high, but Declan just laughed and laughed. He had a great time!



Bulgy the whale!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Eyes to the sky

We took Declan to his first air show last weekend. He loved looking at all the planes and jets. He wanted to ride in all of them! The cutest thing he did though was call the seagulls "thunderbirds". He enjoyed watching the real Thunderbirds though, and didn't seem to mind the noise too much!

A parachutist carrying the American Flag down. It was a beautiful day for the air show.

Summertime fun with daddy

We all went to Raging Waters a few weeks ago and Declan had a blast. Especially playing with daddy in the water!

Watch out for daddy sharks!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Toddler Boot Camp