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Saturday, October 31, 2009

October Happpenings!

What a busy month it has been! I think we kind of over-did Halloween this year! We went to quite a few parties wearing quite a few different costumes! And Declan has had enough candy to last him all year! And this month more than ever we have seen our little toddler become more of a little boy. Sometimes a sweet boy...sometimes a sassy boy!! Here are some snapshots of the past month and all the fun our little boy has had!!!


Halloween 2009!!!

Papa and his little red guitar!

Getting ready to trick or treat with the cousins! Tyson, Carson, Preston, Kate, Declan.

The stash!!

Dunes trip!

he's a cooooool rider...a cool cool cool cool rider!

Declan with his Great Aunt Shirlee. She really is great!!!!!!

In early October we took a trip to the sand dunes with Declan's great aunt Shirlee and Uncle John and cousins! He LOOOVED riding the ATV's. We sure wish papa and nana could have been there but they were not able to make it that weekend.

Carving Pumpkins!

School Halloween Party!

Declan with his teacher Ms. Hilary

Rock Star Mama with her guitar!!!

Rock On!!!!!

Meet The Flinstones!


Declan with his cousin Kate...er Pebbles...at The Treehouse Musuem in Ogden

Haunted Dinosaur Park!

Even scary monsters need love!!!

Pumpkin patch through the years!

in '07

in '08