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Monday, November 28, 2011

Have A New Kid By Friday Experiment

It's been over a year since I've updated my blog. I regret not writing down all the cute and funny things Declan says all the time. I've posted most of them on facebook and hopefully they are stored in facebook outer space somewhere waiting for me to retrieve them. The past year has been an adventure with Declan. The older he gets, the smarter he gets but the smarter he gets...the sassier he gets! And we practically have a monster on our hands. I knew even before I had kids that disciplining them someday would be a challenge. I watched my sister scold her kids and I felt so bad for the little buggers. Even if they were being bad, I kept thinking to myself..."they are just kids, they don't know better." But now having my own kid, I know he knows better but I still can't ever come up with the right disciplinary actions. I threaten him with not giving him his favorite foods or not letting him watch tv but I always give in. And he knows he can get away with just about anything. His dad punishes him by swatting him on the butt and that makes me cringe. I can't help but think we should not be spanking our son. My husband and I both need to agree on how to discipline our child. So just a couple weeks ago, my sister told me about a book called "Have A New Kid By Friday" and I decided to give it a try. I'm only on "Monday" and this is the day when I have to step back and assess the situation. I have to be aware of Declan's bad behavior and how I handle it. I tried to see if there was some rhyme or reason as to why Declan acts out but there doesn't seem to be any one thing that throws him into a tantrum, or an "I don't like you!" tangent. I think he just has a routine and if anything gets him out of that routine he doesn't like it. It could be something as simple as his sock doesn't feel right on his foot. That right there could throw him into an all out war with us. He will start saying it is our fault that his sock doesn't feel right. It's strange. Who knows why kids do, say and act the way they do. Declan can also act very spoiled and has more attitude than a 14 year old girl. He expects so much. He wakes up in the morning and says "Where are you taking me today?" When he watches tv he yells out "Get me chocolate milk!" And just like a servant, I do it. Well things are about to change. I can't let my kid grow up feeling like things are just handed to him all the time. I am going to change this behavior of his. That is why I am taking on this challenge with Have A New Kid By Friday. I fully intend to have a new kid by friday. I am about to read the "Tuesday" section of the book. I think this is when it's going to get interesting. I am going to have to take myself outside my comfort zone and I'll be taking Declan out of his too. I will blog about it tomorrow night. Let the experiment begin!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Super Declan!

When Declan turned 3 we took him to fly in the wind tunnel at IFLY in Ogden. He was a little scared but he sure looked cool! :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sometimes sweet, sometimes sassy...


pictures taken by Anniemations Photography.

Playing in the snow!

New Years Celebration

Nana and Papa's house for New Years Eve! Lots of Wii playing, eating, piggy back rides and fireworks!

Past couple months...

Spongebob marshmallow stick for breakfast! What the heck...it's Christmas!

Christmas Eve at Alpine church service

Playing with new toys!

I have done a terrible job at keeping up on my blog. I have taken on a new job recently and it has kept me busy. I've also had my hands full with a spunky, no-nap taking, almost 3 year old little boy who wears me out at the end of the day! But my new years resolution is to do better at blogging many more moments of Declan's life. So here are a few pics of the past couple months...and there will be a lot more to come!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

What happens in Vegas....


ahhhhh...vegas vacation!

Declan's school Christmas concert!

He had been singing "Jingle Bells" all month until the actual performance...he just stood there and jingled the bells. Maybe he got a mild case of stage fright! He still looked adorable and that's all that matters! :)

Let it snow let it snow let it snow!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving at Snowbasin

We spent turkey day at Snowbasin again this year. And from the moment we arrived, Declan had only one thing on his mind...he wanted to ride the gondola. So after we ate, we took a ride to the top of the mountain in the gondola. David's brother Jason was able to join us for a very lovely thanksgiving dinner. Here are some shots of the day-

I am so thankful for this little guy right here. He brightens my world. I love you Declan!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

October Happpenings!

What a busy month it has been! I think we kind of over-did Halloween this year! We went to quite a few parties wearing quite a few different costumes! And Declan has had enough candy to last him all year! And this month more than ever we have seen our little toddler become more of a little boy. Sometimes a sweet boy...sometimes a sassy boy!! Here are some snapshots of the past month and all the fun our little boy has had!!!


Halloween 2009!!!

Papa and his little red guitar!

Getting ready to trick or treat with the cousins! Tyson, Carson, Preston, Kate, Declan.

The stash!!

Dunes trip!

he's a cooooool rider...a cool cool cool cool rider!

Declan with his Great Aunt Shirlee. She really is great!!!!!!

In early October we took a trip to the sand dunes with Declan's great aunt Shirlee and Uncle John and cousins! He LOOOVED riding the ATV's. We sure wish papa and nana could have been there but they were not able to make it that weekend.

Carving Pumpkins!

School Halloween Party!

Declan with his teacher Ms. Hilary

Rock Star Mama with her guitar!!!

Rock On!!!!!

Meet The Flinstones!


Declan with his cousin Kate...er Pebbles...at The Treehouse Musuem in Ogden

Haunted Dinosaur Park!

Even scary monsters need love!!!

Pumpkin patch through the years!

in '07

in '08